Peak, star ferry, night market

The rainy weather of the last two days/nights was helping to clear up the sky just in time for our visit to the Peak, the highest and somehow most touristy spot of Hong Kong. So, onto the Star Ferry, over to Hong Kong Island, taking a stroll around and then up the hills by cable car. Of course, this sounds easier than it is, because thousands of other people had the same idea, but we managed to get up.

Up there we enjoyed the view, made many photos (great view, you can even see the “other” side of HK Island), ate some fantastic Dim Sum and spend too much money on souvenirs.

Speaking of spending money, after that we still had enough energy for the next stop, the night market. That was really something. Mostly one large road with stands that sell you about anything. Cloths, souvenirs, watches, art, food, sex toys… You name it, you get it… most brand stuff prolly fake, but who cares. Also you could find an area where they did many different kinds of fortune telling, which seems to be quite popular. And right next to that you could find an karaoke area. Nothing beats diversity.

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