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Today we went to Nagasaki, which is a two hour trip on the train. On the ride to Nagasaki the train was quite full, had to stand the whole time and move for other people. The ride back was fortunately much less crowded and so we could take a seat.

In Nagasaki we walked straight to the Peace Park and the Atomic Bomb Museum – also a good way to get to know the city a bit. The park and museum were both informative and shocking/touching. We will post photos about that, but suggest you search the information about the bombing yourself.

On our last trip, we’ve already been to Hiroshima (but didn’t write a blog about it) and plan to go there again this year. In both cases it was shocking to see how the city got destroyed in a matter of seconds, but also how thriving they are again today. If you ever come to Japan, visit at least either of the cities.

Originally we also considered going to the O-Kunchi festival, but we spent so much time in the park and the museum, that it was already too late to search that festival and check it out. So we were looking for food – which was quite difficult, since about every shop we stumbled upon was either closed or didn’t fit our tastes (but mostly they were closed). In the end, we went to a restaurant at the train station where Steffen could have some curry-like Udon dish (he developed a sixth sense regarding curry) and I a cold Udon and Soba mix.