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Guided Nagoya

Today we went to Nagoya. Actually we didn’t go there with much of a plan and would follow the spur of the moment. First stop was the Sky Promenade near the train station, where you could enjoy a great view over the city. When we were leaving again this Japanese guy, who was also up at the Sky Promenade approached us – long story short, since he didn’t have any plans for the day, Kenji-san was so nice to offer his service as a guide.

Through the course of the day we saw some interesting places in the city. Standing out were an antique market (which my father surely would’ve loved to pillage for eBay) on temple grounds, an Otaku Shop (place for all kind of comic/manga/anime related stuff) and a Maid Cafe (a kitschy cafe were girls dress up as European maids and serve very polite – looking at the clients it seemed they either need that self esteem boost of girls talking to them and/or they just want to see some (pretty) girls). According to Kenji-san, he’s never been at those places, so it seemed we were a welcome excuse to visit them himself. We ended at a scenic place called OASIS 21.

He showed us great places to eat and in return we showed him geocaching. Well, we had to retrieve at least on cache there – cacher’s pride – and since he was with us, we had no other choice but to introduce him. But as it seems he liked it.