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And…we’re back!

This marks the end of our little not-vacation* in Milan. As usual pictures will be posted as soon as I finish sorting through them.

*) I still hold that it’s not a proper vacation when you’re less than 1000km (as the bird flies) from home. It’s more like a little (extended/multi) day trip. Another sign for a not-vavation is when your flight time is only an hour and about half of it is taken up by take off/landing and taxiing.
Signs that you’re (probably) on a proper vacation include:
– you need to bring your passport to be let into the country (or even need to apply for a visa in advance)
– your destination is in a different timezone
– using a travel SIM card in your phone is not more expensive than just roaming with your home SIM

Arrived in Milano

Ah, bella italia. Well, obviously we arrived in Milano. But didn’t do much today. Checked in, explored the area, getting some food from the super-market and stressing the wifi.

It’s Saturday and everyone seems to be either at a bar/cafĂ©/restaurant or at a barber, preparing for the evening. We considered going out for dinner as well, but the rain convinced us otherwise.

So aside from complaining about the so-so wifi connection, we planned the upcoming week (at least the parts we didn’t already have fixed).

Almost there…

Sitting at STR sipping a cappucino. Made it thru security… it took a bit longer tho – at least for Oliver. But on the positive side, we now know that he’s explosives-free.

Our flight departs in about 70mins and arrives at MXP one hour later. The distance – as the bird flies – is only three hundred something kilometers. Probably my shortest flight ever.