Asia 2012: Naha

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Note: This stop is called ‘Naha‘ even tho we actually stayed in Chatan – which is slightly to the North of Naha. The reason for this is that we originally planned to stay in Naha, but then found the cheaper accomodations in Chatan and never bothered to change the name of the stop on the trip plan – and, to be honest, who outside of Okinawa has ever heard of Chatan anyway.

Itinerary for Naha (base of operations was the Mansion Superior, Chatan, Okinawa-honto, Okinawa, Japan [Google Maps]):

2012/10/01 – Arrival (we spent the whole day on trains, buses and airplanes – alternating with train stations, bus stops and airports)
2012/10/02 – Walking Chatan, Geocaching
2012/10/03 – Walking Naha, Geocaching, Kokusaidori
2012/10/04 – Ryugujo Butterfly Garden, Ocean Expo Park (Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium) Pineapple Park, Glass House in the Forest
2012/10/05 – Day off
2012/10/06 – Departure for Fukuoka


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