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Since we weren’t really sure about today’s weather, we went to Yokohama – another metropolis near Tokyo. A really nice city, though you sometimes get the feeling it’s a huge shopping district with an amusement area (kinda like Kobe). Not that we complain, got us some nice photos. Especially from the Landmark Tower (highest building in Japan) once it got dark.

We even got a glimpse of Mount Fuji at sunset from up there. Hopefully we’ll see more of it soon and closer up. Of course it’s not just shopping and amusement there. Also nice parks, the sea, the scenery… well, you get the drift. We explored it while getting some easy caches and filling up our lungs with sea breeze. And in it’s own flooded dry dock lies the Nippon Maru (I) – former school ship, now a museum – strangely adding itself to the mix.

In Yokohama we also found a greater variety in vending machine offerings. For example: Soups in small cans. Yummy.