Irkutsk – Some kind of civilisation

We’ve finally arrived in Irkutsk. After a long trip on the Transsib, we switched from railway to hiking trail and took a extensive hike along the shores of Baikal Lake to Bolschoi Koty, a small rural backwater village on the banks of the lake. The day after that (kinda today) we spent there and now finally really arrived in Irkutsk by ferry. The weather began to suck when we were boarding the ferry and didn’t get better since. Our hostel didn’t have a free room, so they gave us a makeshift room in another hotel, which is kind of an upgrade, since it’s a four bed room all for ourselves. But tomorrow we’ll have to switch to our original hostel again. Yeah, it’s complicated. But having a shower and being online again is really a good start, so we won’t complain.

Tomorrow will be our only day in Irkutsk and we will try to make the best of it. We hope the weather/odds will be (ever) in our favor.

The posts about the first Transsib stage and Baikal Lake will follow, but for starters, have a life sign.

Hike to Bolschoi Koty

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