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Flight to HK

or in the air tonight.

Without any real problems we got semi straight from Stuttgart to Hong Kong, with a little stop in London. There we picked up Alicia, a young medical student, to fill in the third seat in our row. It was quite an enjoyable flight, even though our mentioning of possible crashes and disasters earned us quite a few threats about her punching us into our faces.

The flight went quite smooth, so no sign of air sickness on the entire plane. To compensate for that, BA served “food”. Here’s the dinner as an example, chicken curry.

Being mostly a night flight, we couldn’t see much of stuff like in the following picture, but long intercontinental flight are a great opportunity to watch some missed, but-not-so-important movies.

Oh yeah, did we say “without any real problems”? Well, two minor one’s were that we had some food in Heathrow at the Wagamama (which is quite good), followed by a panicked run, after we found out, that we would need fifteen minutes to the gate, but only had five. The other problem was, that there was a bit of a misunderstanding regarding out train/bus tickets, leading to going all the way to the coach station twice.

Now we are save at our hostel, which will be covered another time 😉 .