Kung Fu Corner and Night Ferry

While Saturdays weather was better than on all the days before, it was really great on Sunday (nomen est omen). And since it was our last day in Hong Kong, we decided to take a walk to see more of Kowloon.

And what did we discover? Kung-Fu corner! A weekly meeting and show-off by the local Kung-Fu schools. They were performing several dragon and lion dances, as well as (of course) martial arts. Nice way to spend the afternoon.

At night, we took the Star Ferry for a harbor tour. Was quite nice to see the skylines at night and of course, again we too a lot of pictures, though, it wasn’t that easy thanks to the darkness and the moving ship. But still, some came out nice.

But that wasn’t all for today, because after we left the ship again, we stumbled upon a small stage, where some people were singing Chinese opera or something like that. Even though it’s not our kind of Rock’n’Roll, it was cool to watch.

(For some reason the pic upload is kinda bugged and always crashes, so I will try again tomorrow and just show you the few images in this post as teasers.)

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