Jade Junk to HK Island markets and Zoo Park with Light in Rain

Great title, we know. On Thursday we went early to the Jade Market. Quite an experience and we never knew that there were so many different kinds of jade. With every deal the experience in haggling grows, but even if you pay about a fourth or fifth of the asking price, you are somewhat sure that the seller is still making a good deal. Then again, coming from Germany, we were doing that as well. But unless one is a jade expert, I’d recommend to not even think about buying one of the finer, more expensive pieces.

After that was the trip around the harbour on the Duk Ling junk, which we booked the day before. Well, the junk was quite touristy, so just think of an usual tour ferry made of wood. The weather was still damp, so one couldn’t see the full distance, but still was a nice little trip.

We arrived on the “other side”, i.e. Hong Kong Island. Yey, we finally made it. Here you find even more malls, Starbucks and air conditioning. And yes, this is the modern Hong Kong you would usually think of. Exploring the island, we strolled over the flower and the bird market.

We made a long walk up to the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens (which wasn’t that thrilling, since they use double layered fences which block the view and the animals weren’t that active, probably due the weather). Our way back led through the park. Unfortunately we were to late to visit the aviary (which is walkable, unlike the one in the zoo), but still could enjoy our time there. They got a Fighting S.A.R.S. Memorial in the Tai Chi Garden there, to honor those who died in the struggle to fight the disease. And a 105 steps tower which gave us a great view of the area. Some local young artists used this tower as well to make some sketches of the area.

Since it was already getting late, we had to get back to Kowloon. At night we enjoyed the Symphony of Light at the Avenue of Stars there. Really a nice show, with good timing of sound and light. And then came the rain…

Photos will follow.

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