The Boys are Back in Town

只今! After two years, we’re back in Osaka! Just a three hour trip from Fukuoka and we’re in the Aqua Metropolis again – the Anti-Capital, the town where dodgy areas are other cities shopping areas, all in all a wild place. Well, so they say

Usually on the day of our arrival we explore the area to see where we’ve landed. This time on the other hand, we already knew the place. Not much has changed – never was a modern ward or anything and everything looks the same as before, just two years older. There’s our wonderful hotel with our nice tatami mat room (and a luxury bottom showering toilet), around the corner is our convenience store and main water supply, close to that the optician that helped me fix my broken glasses last time (despite not understanding each other) and on the other side of the street is a restaurant that serves long lasting breakfast and other great dishes (thus, was our first stop after checking in).

Good to be back!

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