Korean Thanksgiving

Today is our last day in Seoul. In the morning, we’ll be flying to Okinawa, where the last taifun just swept by. (We’ll be save, no worries. But for more information, check the Tropical Cyclone Information of the JMA.)

As mentioned yesterday, there’s a holiday today: Korean Thanksgiving. And if we thought yesterday’s streets were empty, we stand corrected, since the city was even more abandoned today. At least our innkeeper didn’t leave his post and guided us to Namsangol Hanok Village, where they had a big Thanksgiving Festival with lots of reenactment, music, stories – which we didn’t understand, but admired the passion it was recited with – and of course food.

But since pictures can tell all that way better than words… you should come back after we uploaded the photos… whenever that will be.

Aside from that, we searched and found some geocaches, didn’t find a lot of coffee (our favorite shop – probably the only one in town with just a Korean name on the front – was closed as well) and we are now done hiding/forcing all of our stuff back in our bags.

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