Welcome to the melting pot; part 2

In our (next to) last episode we were following Steffen to the elevators of the Chung King Mansion. Let’s see how the dangerous journey continues…

Chung King Mansions consists of five blocks, we’re in block E. Here’s a plan of floor 12, our floor. Our room is marked, so you can follow our way on the map, as well as on the pictures.

After we leave the elevator again, we see a surprisingly bright and neat hallway directing us to the Maple Leaf Guest House. Room 23, our room. (Hail to all our paranoid friends around the world.) So, how does it look from the inside? Let’s have a look.

That’s it? Yes, that’s it. Amazingly clean twin bedroom with a toilet/washing/shower-room (all in one). We even got a TV (mostly Chinese), three kinds of air cooling and free hot and cold water in the lobby (well, a part where the corridor is about twice as wide). Fresh towels and prolly some room cleaning every day. Quite nice in here. You just shouldn’t leave the room to destroy that impression… or open the curtains. View outside the windows coming up another time, whenever I get Hugin to stitch those photos.

What, we kept you waiting for this post two days? Well, yes. But you know, we’re in Hong Kong. Even computer freaks got better stuff to do here than hang around on the internet all day.

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