Long Ride to Naha

Let’s make this really snappy. As you might have seen in Steffen’s post (well not really, since he lost his connection at the airport and I just published it a few minutes ago), we were on our way out of Seoul. To be precise, we were on the way to Naha (Okinawa) via Fukuoka.

To sum the day up: We had breakfast in Seoul, lunch in Fukuoka and dinner in Naha. In between we used two planes, a metro, a monorail and two buses. All in all, a very long and stressful trip. Especially annoying was our trip from Naha bus terminal to our hotel, since for once, we missed the first bus and had to wait an hour for the next one. And to make it worse, the trip was a long 80 minute slow ride to the northern parts of Naha.

So all in all, we’re beat. Having a little sinusitis doesn’t make things easier. But on the plus side: CALPIS!!!

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