Last Day in Japan

So, that’s been it – the last two days in Japan and our trip is drawing closer to an end.

Yesterday we explored the bay area. While getting there, we found some place between the skyscrapers, where classic bronze statues of harp playing nymphs and colorful rough shaped plastic figures in submissive positions coexist. There is also a steam punk like clock (Miyazaki Clock), which is actually a cafe of some sort. This city never ceases to amaze us.

Over on the artificial island of Obaida is a large recreation area at the beach. Well, at least they call it a recreation area, though it is forbidden to walk around smoking (but okay to smoke at cafes or other designated places with a lot of passerbys), go swimming or play games. We tried to capture the sunset there, yet again the clouds didn’t play along. On the way back we could at least snap a few pictures of the nightly skyline. I want to stress the few, because we walked over the bay over the rainbow bridge (not in rainbow colors then), but because there was all this traffic and all that wind, it was impossible to have a moment where you could have the camera steady enough to make a photo that takes a larger fraction of a second.

But today we left our camera equipment in the hotel, because we wanted to be prepared for a lot of standing around: Sushi breakfast at the Tsukiji fish market! Okay, after waiting two and a half hour in line (well, last time it was a line – this time there was also a line for that line) it was more of a brunch. But worth it – 3,900 Yen and worth every single Yen and every minute waited. This really spoils you, because once you taste the real deal, nothing you get at home can keep up. (At least in our case, living in a German area over 500 km away from the sea.) After some souvenir shopping, that’s been about it for the day.

Now we’re back at the hotel, got most of our stuff packed, tickets printed and some having some meager dinner. Tomorrow morning we will have to board the plane and leave the country. Then we will have a brief stop in Istanbul to cure of our jet lag, have some Kahve and of course see that magnificent city.

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