Down to Downtown Naha

Our original destination for today was the Churaumi Aquarium, but we changed plans. It seems that using our usual approach (planning and doing everything by ourselves) would take about three hours just to get there and cost us a lot of money. But the friendly receptionist of our hotel had a better suggestion and swiftly organized for us to join a guided tour with another hotel and even promised us a shuttle service. I guess sometimes it’s really the better option to go the full tourist way.

Anyway, that left us without a plan and so we decided to take the bus to downtown Naha – which was surprisingly faster than our trip to the hotel, since there was less traffic. But we didn’t go the full length by bus anyway, since we figured we might as well explore the area and grab a few caches on the way. We were mostly interested in one that claimed to be very hard to grab, due to it’s crowded place. Well, it appears that is was quite the contrary, because there weren’t many lunatics that would walk around the city on a hot and sunny midday. Take that, cache owner!  And speaking of sunny middays, we already had our share of those yesterday – meaning: today we preferred shadowier areas to ease our slight sunburns, but hopefully the sunscreen offered enough protection for the times we couldn’t. Later, when we were in the real downtown of Naha, that didn’t really matter anymore.

The rest is about the usual. Walking around, getting some local food around early afternoon (tasty soba resp. tofu in little shop away from the main street where they only had a Japanese menu), looking for some caches (again only semi-successful), browsing shops (no t-shirts, yet), etc.  We even got the most important item of every town: A MAP! As soon as we acquired that legendary item, we found our way immediately. But somewhere on this island has to be an even more powerful map – one that contains and explains the full bus map, including timetables. Boy, that would be something – no more guessing which bus takes us where. I wonder if we need a big raid group and slay a sea dragon for this…

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