A Rainy Day

Well, according to the weather forecast, that’s been it with the good weather. Today in particular was rainy (and the next two days are supposed to be at least cloudy). Not having a real plan on how to deal with that, we just hopped onto the train, rode a few stations, got some caches and got back. Back to Ueno that is, since we spotted the Hard Rock Cafe shop there – which magically transformed money into t-shirts.

Let me use this quite empty blog post to write about something different. Some of you might have noticed, that we didn’t use a particular word since we left Seoul – and that word is coffee. The reason is simple, one does not simply find good coffee in Tokyo. Oh, it’s not like they have no coffee shops, but those are almost all franchised shops – just like Starbucks – that serve you overpriced caffeine-pops. It’s not like their stuff is bad, but then again, it’s not what we are looking for and we just don’t go to those places, if we don’t have to. Our regular dose of caffeine rather comes from the source you see on the photo here. Something I’d never even dare to touch back in Germany. But here it’s cheap, doesn’t taste half as bad and is easily available.

Anyway, after being a bit disappointed by the Skytree rip-off yesterday, we decided to have a coffee there to brighten our moods, since the coffee bar seemed acceptable. Wasn’t bad, wasn’t our most expensive cappuccino ever (that place is taken by a mall cafĂ© in Kobe with 7 euro-bucks in 2010), but not really satisfying. (In the background of the photo you can see Tokyo at night.) So there’s something we can look forward to for the time back in Germany: Decent coffee! But I also have my hopes up for some Kahve in Istanbul.

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