Trip to HK/PRC/JP

We (Steffen and Oliver) will be going on a li’l trip this September. Just a quick tour ’round East Asia. Here are our stations:

  1. Hong Kong (August 31st – 6th)
  2. Beijing (September 6th – 9th)
  3. Shanghai (September 10th – 14th)
  4. Osaka (September 16th – 20th)
  5. Hiroshima (September 20th – 22nd)
  6. Kyoto (September 22nd – 25th)
  7. Tokyo (September 25th – 29th)

In between there are trains, planes and a ferry (or jetsky, according to Google Maps). Here’s a rough map.

Before and after that, we’ll be spending a few hours in London, Heathrow Airport, but I guess that doesn’t count.

Over the last months we’ve been (and actually still are) busy preparing everything for the trip and in about two weeks we’re ready to go.

One thought on “Trip to HK/PRC/JP”

  1. Wish you a “bon voyage”, lots of fun, good fotos and come back in one piece for more climbing at Degerloch :)

    Hope to read some more about your trip here!

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